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river labs

We have been conducting RiverLAB sessions with schools since 2013. This has been an invaluable way to work with children of all ages to get them excited about nature and river habitats. 

These sessions not only support their scientific skills, but also their artistic side. These are varied from learning about 'minibeasts', salmon, elver eels, invasive species and so much more. These sessions are fully curriculum linked to Science Key Stage 2. Fresh air, art and science is perfect for wellbeing too.   

Aim: put simply to engage children and adults with their local river habitat.


RiverLABs have been designed to educate and nurture children’s’ interest in their local river, through a combination of scientific investigation and creative expression.


RiverLABs support children in their identification skills as well as connecting with being outside in nature. They learn about invertebrates, habitats, life cycles and much more. 




Is your school interested in getting involved in RiverLABs? Why not contact our Education Officer:



"A lovely experience for our children – well planned with a range of fun activities for all!"

"What a brilliant day! We loved, loved the video and please can we have you next year!"

"Best school trip we've had-seeing children just being children!"

"Everything about the day was amazing, the children loved it and said it was their best trip! Every single child was enthused."

"Everything was organised to a very high standard and the children loved building the willow dome. A huge thank you!" 

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