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We are a charitable organisation who are committed to improving and conserving the River Tees. Our work is varied and covers the whole of the catchment from Cross Fell to the North Sea. Our key areas of work are research, education and practical habitat improvements.

By donating to the Tees Rivers Trust, you are helping us to keep the trust going to be able to provide more assistance to our local area.

Whether it's a little or a lot everything helps.

Want to donate?


Do you love your River Tees? Looking for a charity to support? Or just love the work we do and want it to continue?

You can get active with a sponsored swim, do something delicious like a bake sale, or something more relaxed like a read-a-thon. No matter how you choose to fundraise, we’d love you to join our team!

Your support could help us to restore even more rivers, plant even more trees, and do even more to bring back nature and tackle climate change.

Your fundraising efforts will help to support wild, healthy, natural rivers.


Ride, run or row for rivers - taking part in a sponsored bike ride, run or kayak can be a great way to raise money. If you’re planning to get fit this year, consider raising some money in the process.

Hold a bake sale – hold a bake sale and donate the profits to our cause. Bonus points for river-themed cakes!

Sponsored swim – lots of our supporters have undertaken sponsored swims, taking on a specific river or distance to raise money for The Rivers Trust.

Read-a-thon – raise money from the comfort of your living room by taking part in a read-a-thon. Set yourself the challenge of reading a collection of books in a set time limit. We have lots of river-related recommendations if you need them.

Birthday fundraiser – struggling to think of what you want for your Birthday? Why not ask friends and family to donate to a fundraiser instead?


Legacy donations can have a huge impact on charities like ours. By leaving Tees Rivers Trust a gift in your will, you can leave a lasting legacy on this planet.

Your money will fund projects that protect the rivers and wildlife far into the future, with impacts which last far longer than a lifetime.

No matter how big or small, we appreciate all donations. There are three different types of charitable gifts that you can leave in your will:

  • Residuary legacy donations. You can specify a percentage of your estate to give The Rivers Trust. This percentage is calculated once every other element of your will has been fulfilled

  • Pecuniary legacy donations. You can leave a specific monetary amount to The Rivers Trust

  • A specific item. You can choose to leave The Rivers Trust a specific item, from something as small as a ring to something as large as a house

What can legacy donations achieve?

Money you leave to The Rivers Trust will be put to work in vital conservation projects. This could mean removing artificial barriers so fish can migrate freely; it could be creating new habitats, planting trees and developing new wetlands; it could mean alleviating the burden of plastic pollution by carrying out clean-ups; or it could mean teaching school children to love and care for rivers. With your help, we can guarantee the future of our rivers as thriving ecosystems, bursting with life—both human and wild!

Want to leave a legacy?


The Tees Rivers Trust is always looking for Volunteers or people who would like to join their placement scheme as the more people involved the more we can do for our local agriculture, rivers and wildlife.

If you would like to get involved please print off and send us the application form to the address given on the contact us page by clicking here
You can also download a copy of our Volunteer and Placement handbook by clicking here

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