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The Tees Rivers Trust is always looking for volunteers or people who would like to join their placement scheme as the more people involved the more we can do for our local agriculture, rivers and wildlife.

If you would like to get involved please send us the following:

Please bear in mind that we do not have a designated volunteer coordinator. This means our volunteer opportunities may be quite varied and dependent on current projects and seasons. This just means that you may be involved in different projects and work on different teams depending on what you would like to be involved in and where in the catchment you have preference to.

We have lots of opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, whether you are more interested in practical conservation or raising awareness about what we do, we have something for everyone!


Invasive Species Management

Habitat Improvements

Seed Sowing 

Plug Planting

Oyster Monitoring


Balsam Bashing

River Clean Ups

Giant Hogweed Spraying

Habitat Improvements

Seagrass Monitoring



Native Bulb Planting

Tree Planting

Cutting Back

Flood Management

Invasive Species Mapping

River Tees January 2020 - photograph taken by Adam Chumbley.jpg


Cutting Back

Native Bulb Planting

Oyster Monitoring

Tree Planting

Support Us

Donate to help us continue our work to support the Tees.

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