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Invasive Non-Native Species Management

Invasive non-native species (INNS) are animals or plants that have been introduced (deliberately or accidently) by human activity to an area in which they do not naturally occur. These cause issues on our rivers such as to the economy, a loss of biodiversity and erosion making river banks unstable which is why it is so important to remove them. We use various methods from manual pulling, pesticide spraying and biological control to remove INNS on our river.

Projects we run for this work are:  

  • Tees OpHog

  • BINNS 

For more information or to discuss any work please contact our Invasive Species Project Manager: John Musham



Want to know who we work with? Click here to find out about some of the organisations we work with. 

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INNS Information

Looking for more resources? Click here to find out more about INNS. 

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