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Tees Catchment Partnership

Water. Drink, wash, flush, splash, swim….

Some enjoy it, some don’t, we all use it and we all need it. Looking after our waters and the landscape that they drain over and run through makes sense in many ways. It is cheaper to process cleaner water. Clean water in natural channels supports much more life than dirty water in straight drainage ditches. More life in the water means a good supply of food for other animals on land or in the air. More life in the water also attracts people to use it, visit it and enjoy it. It is a resource that will reward if it is looked after.
Now is your chance to help us to look after it…


The YTCP welcomes all-comers to join in and help influence its work.


The structure of the steering group and a list of organisations who have taken part so far will be available on the YTCP website in the coming months.


We need your input and involvement to help make this happen. Although in its early stages, we welcome comments and questions and suggestions. In the first instance, please contact Ben Lamb directly.

Support Us

Donate to help us continue our work to support the Tees.

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