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Intertidal habitat creation 

The Tees Estuary historically underwent a mass industrialisation, which unfortunately led to the natural estuary environment to become heavily modified. Over 90% of the estuary intertidal habitat has been reclaimed. Currently we are creating a new piece of intertidal habitat along a section of the Tees Estuary to help regain some natural estuary edge habitat.  This intertidal habitat creation will improve habitat connectivity along the river Tees, soften the existing hard estuary edge and provide significant positive ecological benefits to local wildlife communities. This scheme is being undertaken as part of our IMMERSE project


Mariculture co-location 

As part of our IMMERSE project, we have undertaken a study looking at the feasibility of co-locating mariculture inside the Teesside Inshore Wind Farm. Our study aims at principally showing how mariculture can be situated inside this wind farm to improve water quality inside the Tees Estuary, whilst demonstrating an effective co-use of offshore marine space, improving local marine biodiversity, all while simultaneously providing an economic driver for doing so.  

For more information on our IMMERSE project and our project partners schemes across several other European estuaries, follow the link here! 

IMMERSE, Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme 

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